After a long and successful career in the healthcare field, Scott decided to combine his knowledge of anatomy and physiology and medical conditions with his passion for optimum health and fitness to become a personal trainer. The desire to help his clients meet his/her goals and objectives is what truly drives him.

Based out of Venice, Florida, Scott also services fitness clients in Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Englewood, North Port and other surrounding Southwest Florida communities.

“You won’t find a one-size fits all approach here,” reminds Scott. “Rather, I take an in-depth look at each client’s situation and tailor a program specifically for him/her alone.”


Educate clients on proper fitness and exercise technique
Encourage clients to achieve their goals in a safe and effective manner
Empower clients to take charge of their own healthy lifestyle

It’s called personal training for a reason. Whether a high school athlete looking for an edge, an active professional in need of consistent direction, or a retiree looking to stay fit and active, Scott will design workout regimens based on your goals and objectives.

Following a free evaluation and assessment, in which medical limitations and fitness experience are thoroughly discussed, Scott creates a program that targets the end result you desire (e.g. weight loss, increased stamina, overall toning and fitness). These programs may involve one or more sessions per week depending on your situation and may consist of weightlifting one day and aerobic or flexibility training the next as dictated by your situation.

Scott can’t stress enough that planning is based on who you are and what you need, and that individualized workouts are scheduled when and where you want them.

Who: Scott caters to all age groups regardless of workout ability or background, and pledges to remain sensitive to everyone’s unique and individual needs.

What: Scott provides step-by-step guidance, at a pace appropriate for you in the areas of Strength and Conditioning, Weight Control and Specialty Services should you be faced with specific challenges.

When: Scott arranges training sessions on days and times that are convenient for you. He recognizes that for many clients (especially students and working professionals) time is often limited and that flexible scheduling is vital in turning busy lifestyles into excuse-free healthy lifestyles.

Where: Scott is based out of the South County YMCA in Venice, Florida. He also enjoys membership privileges throughout the community and can even provide in home services for those seeking a more private or less distracting workout environment.


For Workouts In A Gym Setting:
Please contact The South County YMCA at (941) 492-9622 for current individual and group rates applicable to their facility.

Outside Facility or In-Home Rates:
Rates vary based on session package purchased.
Please Contact Scott for details.
PHONE: (941) 223-1990

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