Scott Stewart’s personalized workouts are designed to fit your specific needs and goals. They’re categorized into 3 main types of services. Strength and Conditioning, Weight Control and Specialty Services. Read below for detailed descriptions on all these customized services.



For Scott, it is all about educating and teaching his clients how to “work smarter, not harder.” After all, if you are going to devote a certain amount of time to exercise, don’t you want to get the most out of each session and achieve maximum results?

Whether you are new to resistance training (i.e. weightlifting, bodybuilding) and seek guidance getting started, are an experienced “gym rat” who has hit a wall, or someone looking to manage certain limitations, Scott can design a strength and conditioning exercise program just for you.

“All of my clients are facing very personal challenges,” says Scott. “Meeting these diverse challenges is what makes this job so rewarding and so fun. For example, in the course of one day, I can help a newcomer to the gym feel less anxious and intimidated about using the equipment, show a long-time member a new chest exercise to keep progressing and work with a stroke victim in the swimming pool to improve his or her balance,” Scott adds.

Scott’s strength and conditioning exercise programs can:

    1. Increase muscular strength
    2. Build muscular endurance
    3. Tone and reshape your body
    4. Improve flexibility and coordination

Furthermore, Scott can supplement, if appropriate, traditional weight training with his own “Body In Motion” exercises that combine resistance, cardiovascular and balance training to help you address your body’s entire strength and conditioning needs. (back to Top)


A new mother looking to drop “baby weight”, a middle-aged guy who woke up one morning sporting a beer gut, or a woman who avoids full length mirrors at all costs and dreams of recapturing her youthful shape. Sound familiar?

Scott’s approach to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight is a holistic one that incorporates progressive cardiovascular training, safe strength and conditioning routines as well as sensible eating and lifestyle tips.

For those with more involved weight management needs, Scott works closely with many nutritionists and healthcare providers in our community to develop a comprehensive and supportive program to meet even the most formidable challenges. (back to Top)


Post Rehabilitation and Chronic Conditions

Scott’s services are non-medical in nature. However, his 20+ years experience in the healthcare field and thorough knowledge of fitness and exercise give him the unique ability to coordinate with, and build upon, services rendered by therapists and medical practitioners.

Amongst others, Scott has worked with clients who have had knee and hip replacements, low bone density results, balance issues, and life-altering conditions such as stroke and Parkinson’s Disease.

“If you have suffered a stroke for example, you may have very limited flexibility and coordination in your affected leg and be in need of help with your mobility and balance. I can assist in this process by utilizing different exercise techniques such as foot taps, stepping and leg extensions for strength and endurance,” says Scott.

Finally, although Scott does not accept insurance assignment, he will provide all paperwork documentation for those clients who have coverage for personal training services and wish to seek insurance reimbursement on their own. (back to Top)

Aquatic Exercise

Primarily designed for rehabilitating, chronic condition and weight control clients, in-water exercise programs can also greatly benefit those looking to improve swimming skills and efficiency, create new cardiovascular challenges and adopt a fresh approach to muscular definition through water resistance training.

Scott’s aquatic sessions are especially popular with his in-home clientele and he brings all equipment and apparatus (i.e. weights, paddles) to you.
All you have to do is supply the pool! (back to Top)

In Home Services

For those unable to exercise in a traditional gym or facility setting, or who are hoping to transition to one, or for individuals who prefer working out in the privacy of their own home or community fitness center, Scott comes to you.

This exclusive concierge service is made possible by the fact that he maintains a huge mobile inventory of exercise equipment suitable for use in the home. (back to Top)

Sports Specific Strategies

Scott can’t guarantee lower golf scores or more tennis wins, but he can help you strengthen and condition the muscles and anatomical parts used in these and other sports to give you a competitive edge over your opponent. For example, core and abdominal work for your golf swing and shoulder strengthening for a more impactful tennis serve. Most importantly, Scott can keep you active in the recreational pursuits you enjoy most. (back to Top)


Ask Scott about gait, stride analysis and custom workouts sure to improve your run times and aerobic endurance. These individually tailored programs combine interval and track training, partner-assisted exercises and race specific strategies that will make your runs more successful and more fun! (back to Top)

Couple / Group Training

For those clients looking to share the exercise experience and possibly the cost with a friend or family member, Scott is more than happy to design couple and group fitness sessions that are both fun and effective. (back to Top)

Exercise and Pregnancy

An increased focus on health by pregnant women has lead Scott to develop a safe, progressive and carefully thought-out series of workouts for the expectant mother throughout her pregnancy. And to prove that “the proof is in the pudding”, Scott’s daughter-in-law, who followed these recommendations, just recently went through a relatively easy labor while giving birth to Scott’s first grandchild. Furthermore, studies show that babies born to active mothers are healthier in the long run. (back to Top)

Community Presentations

Scott has developed an extensive list of health and fitness seminars and exercise classes for your group, community or organization. In addition to healthy lifestyle discussions, he can also design topics of interest (i.e chair exercises for seniors, adolescent strength training) specific to your membership. (back to Top)

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