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Dip that is.

Triceps dips strengthen and tone the back of your arms, along with your shoulders and abdominals (which help stabilize the movement). Here is how to do a proper triceps dips:

Sit on a sturdy chair (bench or bottom stair). Place your hands on the chair at your sides with palms downward. Step your feet one to two feet in front of you, and then raise your buttocks off the chair. Bring your hips forward (towards your toes) about two inches. Keep your shoulders above your wrists. Now, lower yourself down two to six inches until your shoulders are in line with (or just above) the elbows. Push back up to the starting position. Keep your abs contracted as you lift and lower.

After a proper warm-up (shoulder rolls, jumping jacks etc.), try to to do one to three sets of 10-20 repetitions, but, listen to your body; it is okay to do more or less.






” Wag More, Bark Less.”

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“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

-Jim Rohn


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Yesterday, my family took me to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant for a Father’s Day breakfast. This has become a tradition of sorts because they don’t really like to dine there, but because it was “Dad’s Day,” they made an exception.

So, while I enjoyed my biscuits and sausage gravy, I got to thinking, “how can I say thank you for this little treat?” Then it came to me; I can say thanks by only eating biscuits and gravy once a year (which I faithfully do), and by continuing to live a healthy lifestyle that will keep me around for many more Father’s Days to come.

Dads, please do the same for your family. Watch what you eat, exercise regularly and enjoy your family.






Despite a wealth of experience with, and firsthand knowledge of, vitamins and supplements, recommending specific types of either is beyond the scope of my licensing as a personal trainer. However, in general, I can take some of the confusion out of the equation by encouraging you to check yours today against these two main guidelines:

1.) Approximately 100% of the Daily Value for most of the nutrients. Watch out for too much. Don’t be lulled into the “more is better” mindset. Also, it’s okay to have less than 100% of the following:

Calcium-Take calcium as a separate supplement (or make sure you consume three servings a day of milk, cheese or yogurt).

Vitamin E-New research suggests that too much vitamin E can actually be detrimental to your health.

Vitamin A (actetate or palmitate)-Too much can increase the risks of hip fractures. Ideally, you should look for a multivitamin with no more than 60% of the Daily Value-because you get vitamin A from food as well.

2.) The symbol: “USP” for United States Pharmacopeia. This doesn’t automatically mean that the supplement is safe. But it does mean that the ingredients in the supplement will actually dissolve.

“When you write your life story, make sure no one else is holding the pen.”





Yesterday, as my family and I were partaking in the 38th annual running of the Sandy Claws 5k beach run up on Siesta Key, my efforts were assisted by an unlikely source-my shadow.

Just past the halfway point, and with the sun behind me, I caught a glimpse of my silhouette in the sand and noticed that my arms were beginning to swivel across my body-a definite no-no in terms of running mechanics as this wasted motion can create both drag and fatigue. I quickly corrected this flaw by keeping my arms by my side and pivoting them only up and down at the elbow, and went on to finish in 3rd place in my age group (which, by the way, did not garner me bragging rights in my house as both my daughters took home 1st place hardware).

So, the next time you are out there picking them up and putting them down, remember, the shadow knows.


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With 206 bones, over 650 muscles, 12 organ systems and 10 trillion life-giving human cells, wake each day with a sense of appreciation for your body. And, if these numbers aren’t reason enough, consider that each day: your heart beats over 103,000 times, your respiratory system produces 25,920 breaths and your body creates approximately 200 billion new blood cells. Bottom line: Take care of your body the way it takes care of you by eating right, exercising and avoiding bad habits like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.